Mask has become a just need, HX helps you to carry out professional mask inspection!

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Up to now, the epidemic situation in China has been basically stable, but we should spare no effort to prevent the import of foreign epidemic situation, and the domestic epidemic situation should not be neglected.

Due to the rapid spread of the epidemic situation in foreign countries, medical supplies are in short supply. As the largest supplier production base in the world, orders for epidemic prevention materials from all over the world have exploded. In the case of global shortage of epidemic prevention materials, how to ensure product compliance and smooth export has become the focus of attention.
"HXI" is rooted in the field of product quality inspection and factory evaluation, and we will fight this epidemic prevention war together.
Among all the medical materials, the mask is a common rigid demand product, which has become the necessary protective equipment for personal travel. The demand for masks is increasing day by day in the world. How to successfully complete the transnational order, " HXI" will talk with you.
What does the mask inspection pay attention to most?


The inspection of masks also follows the general routine inspection process of daily necessities, from the finished quantity of products to the inspection of package marks to the appearance of products and functional tests, each step is important. As disposable consumer goods, the most important thing is the wearability and sealing of masks.

Quantity and package inspection are essential


The number of masks checked by quality inspector

1) Quantity check:

Check the quantity of finished products to be consistent with customer orders. Pay attention to check whether there are empty containers.

2) Inspection of carton mark / packing method:

Be consistent with the packing mark information provided by the customer, and pay attention to the batch number on the outer case. The packing number is consistent with the guest's requirements.

Product appearance inspection is the key point

Appearance inspection and weight weighing


3) Product appearance inspection:

a. First of all, confirm whether the product is consistent with the model ordered by the customer, and ensure that the product inspected is exactly what the customer ordered.

b. There are at least three layers of disposable protective masks for ordinary civil use. Generally, the inner and outer layers are non-woven fabrics, and the middle layer is melt blown fabric.

c. Check whether the inner and outer layers of the mask are stained and damaged.

d. Check whether the edge of the mask is ironed well and whether the interface is firm.

e. Check whether the nose clip of the mask is completely wrapped with non-woven fabric, check the length of the nasal bridge strip and the tightness of the nose clip.

Functional inspection of product use


4) Functional examination:

a. Whether the product is civil or medical, if it is medical, whether the product design and packaging meet the medical standards

b. If it is a disposable civil mask, the ear hook needs to meet the tensile test of 10N / 10s (GB / t32610-2016).

c. Waterproof test, put the mask on white paper, the water on the mask can not penetrate the mask, and check whether the white paper is soaked.

d. Flame retardant test was conducted on the masks, and the masks meeting the standards could not burn.

e. Mask odor detection, no irritating smell.

f. In addition to the conventional length, width and thickness inspection, it is particularly important to check the length of ear hook.

g. Check whether the weight and gram weight of products are consistent with customer requirements.

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As long as we all unite together, we will surely win this war without gunpowder smoke, and we will do our best to "escort" you.