Happy behavior of mask inspector

 BLOG     |      2020-07-06 10:07
The inspection of masks also follows the general routine inspection process of daily necessities, from the finished quantity of products to the inspection of package marks to the appearance of products and functional tests, each step is important. As disposable consumer goods, the most important thing is the wearability and sealing of masks.
The inspector will focus on the functional test when conducting the inspection on site. After all, whether the mask is easy to use and whether it is suitable for use must be judged as qualified only through human experience.
Next, let's enjoy our mask inspector's happy behavior at the scene!





 Let me see how many layers you have first!

   Is thick skin an advantage?


  Let's go to a "watermark"


Have you ever seen a long eared monster?
That's how it's elongated!



Wait for the chicken to finish the rice
The dog licked the noodles
The fire broke the mask


I can't see clearly. Get closer
What's your name?


  Dismantle a "nose bridge" to play


Wow, it's really a long eared monster!


The next step is really happy "experience time"!




Diving? brother?


 This is not really "underpants"!


Don't let go of the other one!