The third-party testing personnel is a very attentive occupation

 BLOG     |      2020-07-06 10:02
The industry of inspector is actually a special and complex industry. Based on the name of "inspector", it can be called an industry. However, the industry can be classified into various types of occupations due to the differences of products, such as electrical inspector, cosmetics inspector, clothing fabric inspector, etc.
Secondly, the particularity of the industry is that it is in a special position. For the factory inspectors, self inspection of their own product quality is the focus of the work. For the inspectors who come to the factory, ensuring the interests of customers is a working principle of inspectors. However, although the goals of the two are the same, there are always some conflicts The involvement of the three-party inspectors is justified.
The particularity of the inspector lies in that it is under the command of all parties, responsible for all aspects, but relatively independent in the whole trade chain. The reason for the independence is that the special occupation of inspector tests the degree of intention of the practitioners.
Responsibility to customers
For customers, the primary responsibility of the inspector is to timely and effectively and truly reflect the specific situation of the inspected large goods. Although the inspector represents the customer to check the quality, he is not the customer himself, so he can not completely represent the customer's mind. When meeting a customer with strong subjective consciousness, he will at least formulate complete and detailed standards for the inspector's reference Customers with weak subjective consciousness need inspectors to rely on their own professional experience to judge.
There is also a problem of scale. If the quality inspection is strictly controlled by the inspector, the cost of the quality control of the customer will rise greatly, which will lead to the decrease of his profit. If the control is too loose, it is easy to greatly affect the sales status of the product, and the profit will also be reduced. How to control this control standard is also an examination for the inspector Test.
Understanding of consumers
For consumer users, they don't care how much profit margin your product has. What they care about is whether the product's cost performance is high, whether the product is easy to use, and whether there are some security risks. This will test the ability of inspection personnel to transpose their thinking.
The experience of a product in the hands of the inspector and the purchase and use of consumers are not wrong in most cases, but it will also vary from person to person. The behavior habits of each person are different, which will lead to different feelings of experience. Therefore, inspectors need to comprehensively consider the needs of different groups of people.
In particular, there will be some special circumstances, such as children's supplies. As adults, it is impossible to accurately capture children's behavior habits, so they can't really experience the situation.
Suggestions for manufacturers
For the production side, the inspector needs to look at the quality problem from another perspective, which steps in the process of a product from feeding to the final product lead to the product defects, which problems can be improved in the production process, and what can not be solved by the existing technology. All of these need the inspector to combine experience After all, the definition of the quality of a batch of goods is not the sole role of the inspector, but the common identification among the factory, the inspector and the customer.