What should a qualified inspector look like

 BLOG     |      2020-07-06 09:57
Inspectors are usually employed by foreign trade companies and third-party inspection companies. Their main job is to inspect the quality of goods and check before shipment. This job requires not only the ability to travel on business, good at communication, conscientious and responsible, team spirit, but also knowledge of the field of the products tested.
Everyone is different, and each inspector has his own way of doing things and rules, but as inspectors, some characteristics are common. We invited our gold medal inspector David to talk about some common points of inspectors.
Why should inspectors be so punctual?
Punctuality is an essential quality for an inspector. David told us that he has been late for so many years. Counting with one hand is basically caused by some special circumstances, such as rainstorm.
He told us that punctuality for inspectors is not only a problem of being late, but also involves the issue of credit. Before inspection, it must be agreed on the inspection time, and the inspector should arrive at the agreed place according to the agreed time for inspection, which is a must. Once the late event occurs, it will affect not only the inspector itself, but also the inspector It will affect the customer's plan and the manufacturer's cooperation arrangement, which is unfavorable to all three parties.
Why should inspectors be so impartial?
For a person who has been engaged in inspection for many years, justice is the pronoun of the third party. He has deep experience in this matter. The original intention of customers to choose the third party is to truly and effectively reflect the quality problems of large products, and this is the basic embodiment of fairness.
Some people will ask, why do customers entrust a third party to inspect the goods? In fact, there are various reasons, but the most important ones are: for the sake of justice, the customer entrusts the third party, and the factory accepts the third party, which is itself the three parties' recognition of an inspection standard. For the third-party inspectors, although they are entrusted by the customers, they will not raise the standards privately. Instead, they will inspect the goods according to the agreed standards, The best way is to give real feedback to customers and let them negotiate with the factory.
Why should inspectors be so professional?
Every inspector is good at different products. David said that he would never inspect unfamiliar products. If you want to inspect a good product, you must understand the product. To understand the extent to which you can find problems at a glance, it is not easy to achieve this level. To understand the production process of the product and the problems that may arise, we need to test it from the perspective of consumers Only in this way can we meet the problem of professional use.
Why do you need such a major? David said that this is because if you are not professional enough, there are no problems that should be found in the inspection process. After shipment, there will be economic losses and other problems. It will directly affect the cooperation between suppliers and bring losses in brand reputation, economy and other aspects.
Why should inspectors be so careful?
Inspection itself is a work that requires meticulous care. Many details are easily overlooked because of carelessness. Many times, problems arise in the inspection of goods by inspectors, which are not professional enough, but not careful enough. It is not difficult to find professional inspectors for a certain category of products. What is difficult is the inspectors who can observe the problems carefully.
However, it's not enough to be careful. No matter how careful you are, you will always feel that there is still some room for improvement. After all, people are not machines.
Why should inspectors be so patient?
When inspectors go to the factory to inspect goods, they need to communicate with the factory directly. Many times, they also need the cooperation of the factory, such as arranging personnel to accompany inspection, leading the way, carrying large goods, unpacking, etc. if the inspectors work together, they will inevitably increase a lot of work and easily disperse the inspector's concentration. Therefore, the cooperation of the factory is needed.
And what if the factory doesn't cooperate? No one to guide the way to see the goods, no one to arrange inspection space, no one to help carry large goods, what to do? We have to communicate!
Communication with the factory is a very patient thing. Sometimes there will be some disputes when communicating with the factory for problems found in the inspection. What should I do at this time? Don't you have to communicate patiently with the inspector! You can't stop because of poor communication. You have to be responsible for your work to the end.
In short, in fact, the inspector is a combination of knowledge, technology, patience, care and responsibility. Ordinary people really can't do it. We have to give a thumbs up for our profession.